Easy Uploading With Really Easy FTP

Posted by Alan Reece on December 8, 2010

One of the biggest problems many new webmasters face is uploading their pages to their web host.

FTP programs are often too complicated for most users - and the upload features built into web hosting control panels are usually very cumbersome.

Our FREE Really Easy FTP software provides a quick and easy solution.

Just activate the software, tell it where you have put your website files on your PC and then enter your FTP information (the user name and password provided by your web host).  Then just click a button and the software will upload everything automatically.

Once it has uploaded your site, the software automatically keeps track of all your web site files on your PC. So when you add, delete or change any files, you can just activate the software again and it will make the same changes to your web host automatically.

Once you start using this amazingly simple uploader software, I promise you’ll never want to be without it! 

Download your copy now here - it’s completely free