5 SEO Tips for Business Bloggers

Posted by Alan Reece on January 3, 2011

Now that you have a blog, you’ll need to learn how to optimize your work so that you can easily be found in the search engines. Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the methods bloggers and website owners need to use to increase their search engine rankings. Your ultimate goal is to create a properly formatted blog filled with quality content. This, combined with external projects like back linking, will eventually bring you to the first or second page of Google. Here are some SEO tips to keep in mind as you work to create a blog for your business. 

Keep It Local

 While your online presence will certainly expand your horizons, bringing you customers from further away than you could reach before, you should not discount the power of local search engine optimization. As you choose the keywords for your blog, be sure to include local versions as well. Are you a plumber from Cincinnati? If so, you’ll not only focus on terms like “plumber” or “plumbing” but on terms such as “Cincinnati plumber” as well. Doing so will allow you to take advantage of the local features now offered by search engines.

Update the Structure of Your Blog URLs

 When you write a blog post, your blogging platform will automatically assign it a URL. Most new blog platforms, like WordPress, will assign a post a number (example: http://www.blogxyz.com/?p=123). Most blog platforms will allow you to make changes to the URL structure so that you can give the post a unique URL description, incorporating the keywords you used in the post. Instead you’d end up with something like http://www.blogxyz.com/posts/plumbing-tips/.

Write Quality Content

 Building a blog may seem easy in comparison to creating quality blog content. The key is to provide information your readers will find valuable, whether they’re ready to work with you or not. Weave your keywords into the content to increase your search engine rankings but don’t skimp on depth. Informative content will encourage your visitors to come back and learn more and you’ll gain their trust. They’ll remember you and the information you’ve shared when it is time to finally make a purchase. Remember to write content while thinking of your customers – not the search engines.

Choose a Great Domain Name

Choose a domain name that has something to do with your area of expertise. If you really want to increase your online presence, consider purchasing a URL that incorporates one of your main keywords instead of your business name alone. The more descriptive your domain, the more attention it will receive from the search engines.

Create Internal Links

Many bloggers focus on building external links (links pointing to their site from another) but most forget about internal linking. Internal links are incredibly valuable and the process is an easy way to incorporate some of your long-tail keywords into your marketing campaign. When writing an article, think about the keywords you are using and consider whether you’ve written articles on those subjects in the past. If you have, link to the old article from one of the related keywords in your new article. You’ll give your readers extra material to consider and the search engines will love the extra links.

Incorporating proper SEO techniques into the creation of your business blog content will help you to make the most of your blog without spending a ton of money on external marketing. Take your time and prepare each page of your blog with care. You’ll eventually be able to use your blog steal your share of the online marketplace.